Thursday, 21 June 2012

A Work in Progress
There are no rulebooks out there for fatherhood. No guides that describe what to do in each situation in life. We're all born blank slates and then we learn what we are taught and what we see-or what we teach ourselves. Often, we repeat the same things, or the same patterns and mistakes passed on by our parents and caregivers. This could mean that if we were ignored, we will ignore, if we were abused, we will abuse, and if we were mistreated, we will mistreat. I say "could" because I don't believe it is fait accompli. Not everyone who has a rough childhood grows up to repeat the same behaviours with their children. The cycle can end. The contract can be broken, and things can change.

Tips on Self-Esteem
 1. Always remember that you are worthy of love.
 2. Don't let your fears and accumulated pain stop you from doing good.
 3. Act like an adult and take charge without being abusive or manipulative.
 4. Heal yourself. Recognize when you have a problem and seek help from a trained professional.
 5. Think positively about yourself and others.
 6. Always act out of love.
 7. Be sesitive to your children's feelings and needs.
 8. Fear and anger are learned. Your child does not need to learn fear and anger from you.
 9. Be a good role model.
10. Give positive encouragement, even when your child has had a setback. Tell them you are proud of         them for trying.